About Us

Bhartiya Legal Infotech

We have pleasure introducing ourselves as one of the company who started to serve the fraternity in late eights with Law Books, n then worked as Whole Seller and Retailers for about two n half decades, n also as Sole Distributor for well known Software’s n Software Companies.

We have immense pleasure to State that it was the beautiful time n that not to say that now it is not a state, but the pleasure of working in ninety’s was very different. We progressed with the Grace of God, Blessing of Parents, n support of our Seniors. The first person to support in leaps and bounds was Late Mr. Vijay Grover (Vishal Book Centre, Nashik) and Mr. Avinash Nanda (Jaina Book Agency, Bombay), but the person had been and is in my day today life is none other than Mr. Jitentra Haribhau Patil

The time changes and is part of nature to change, we started from Books changed/upgraded to software’s in floppies to CD-Roms to Pen Drives and finally, we are now Online.

Since late eights till date we have never stopped or look back to serve the fraternity of Law n will never stop in our life time.

This is what about us.

Bhartiya Legal Infotech